Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons can be of great help to genealogists. You may find pictures here of your ancestors and relatives, the house or town where they lived, and more.

Your participation in The Commons on Flickr will make these photos valuable to everyone, everywhere.

Describe the photographs you discover in The Commons on Flickr, either by adding tags or leaving comments.

The Commons was launched on January 16, 2008, when the pilot project was launched in partnership with The Library of Congress. Both Flickr and the Library were overwhelmed by the positive response.

The program has two main objectives:

1--To increase access to publicly-held photography collections, and

2--To provide a way for the general public to contribute information and knowledge. (Then watch what happens when they do!)

Sign in to The Commons at Flickr using your Yahoo email address and password.

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