Friday, September 18, 2009

United States Submarine Men Lost During World War II

The Glenview Public Library has acquired the following book, which you can use in the Reference Room:

United States submarine men lost during World War II : a compilation of basic information on all the known men who died while in, or attached to, a command of the U.S. Submarine Service, including passengers lost on U.S. submarines : a research project / by Paul W. Wittmer, c2009.

R940.5467 WIT GENEALOGY v. 1 - 2

This comprehensive alphabetical compilation lists more than 3,600 men who died while in , or attached to, a U.S. submarine or a U.S. relief crew, between December 7, 1941 through september 2, 1945. Each listing was documented from a U.S. Archive, Navy, or other government source showing the submarine, relief crew, or other naval unit, along with date and cause of death. Passengers lost on U.S. Submarines. and the stories of the lost boats, are included.

The book is intended as a lasting memorial and research source for future generations of family members, historians and interested researchers.

The author, Paul W. Wittmer, is A WWII U.S. submarine veteran. He can be reached at

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