Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glenview's Melzer Family

The Images of America series book, Glenview, by Beverly Roberts Dawson, discusses the arrival of the first Europeans in South Northfield, which became Glenview, and continues through the first 70 years following incorporation.

"John Melzer immigrated to South Northfield from Germany and bought the family home in 1871...Three generations of the Melzers are pictured here. From left to right are: first row, Lulu and Josephine (Adam's younger daughters); second row, two Heimgartner children, John Melzer and his wife, Katherine Melzer (Adam's daughter), William Melzer (Adam's son), Louisa Melzer (Adam's wife) and Adam Melzer; third row, Mrs. Heimgartner (John's niece) holding the hand of her child and Mr. Heimgartner at the far right in front of the cellar entrance." (p. 35, Glenview)

Meet Charlotte Melzer, a descendant of this founding family of Glenview, and hear her stories, on Sunday, October 18, 2-4 PM in the Maynard Room of the Glenview Public Library, as we celebrate National Family History month by celebrating the family history of Glenview's founding families.
Thank you to Beverly R. Dawson, and to the Glenview History Center, for permission to use the picture and the quotation from Ms. Dawson's book, Glenview.
You can see the book at 977.31 DAW and check out a copy. There are also copies in the Reference Room at R977.31 DAW and RRA 977.31 DAW.

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