Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook For Genealogy

You know you can search for genealogy resources on the internet, using a search engine such as Google, or the Library's Genealogy Page, to help you locate helpful web sites.

But did you know you can do something similar using Facebook?

Setting up a Facebook account is like setting up an E-Mail account. Once your account is set up...and you are logged in... you can search Facebook by locations, such as your ancestral town; surnames, which will help you locate distant cousins or groups; genealogical societies; genealogy experts like Cyndi Howells or topics such as contacting a professional genealogist or learning more about your DNA Haplogroup. You will be able to easily communicate with other genealogists and groups.

Genealogy resources on Facebook include such popular features as The Genealogy Guys Podcast, and a news feed from The National Archives.

Various family tree applications enable you to locate and network with relatives around the world. Some examples include Family Link, Family Tree, and more.

Facebook helped me grow my family can help you, too!

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