Wednesday, November 10, 2010

German-English Genealogical Dictionary

German-English Genealogical Dictionary / by Ernest Thode. --
Genealogical Pub. Co., 1993, c1992.


Ernest Thode's Dictionary is designed for the family researcher who has little or no knowledge of German but who nevertheless needs to make a translation of German-language documents. The Dictionary covers thousands of German terms and defines them in single words or brief phrases. Among the many categories of entries included in the Dictionary are family relationships, days of the week, map terms, legal terms, cardinal and ordinal numbers, roman numerals, signs of the zodiac, coins, liquid and dry measures, measures of length, place names, historical territories, geographical terms, occupations, titles, military ranks, types of taxes, illnesses, calendar days, male and female given names, heraldry, abbreviations, books of the Bible, and common genealogical words from Danish, Dutch, French, Latin, and Polish. In conjunction with a standard German-English dictionary, the user of this work should be able to make a word-by-word translation of any German document and understand it.
(Thanks to Genealogical Pub. Co. for this description)

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