Monday, January 18, 2016

Chicago: The Wonder City

We have many books about the history of Chicago in the Genealogy & Local History Room but one of our more unique histories is Chicago: The Wonder City.

Written and published in 1893 by Eugen Seeger, this book highlights the city's achievements and promotes the Columbian Exhibition. Unlike some of our other Chicago histories, this book does not focus on biographies of wealthy Chicagoans but instead examines the city's rapid rise and it's place in United States history. There is a detailed section on the Chicago Fire, anarchists' plots and politics, and Seeger discusses Chicago's cultural life as well.
There are some great photos and illustrations of the city's architecture and some nice bits of historical trivia. A genealogist may be interested in Seeger's description of the waves of immigration to the city and how each ethnic group has contributed to the success of Chicago.

Overall, it's a great snapshot of Chicago in 1893.

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