Thursday, June 16, 2016

Northfield Permits to Bury

The Lundberg Collection contains many unique items including much of Gertrude Lundberg's own research. Ms. Lundberg was interested in the history of the Glenview area and in the genealogy of many of its founding families. She was especially enthusiastic about documenting local cemetery records.

Ms. Lundberg made a record of Burial Permits for Northfield Township which can be found with many of her other projects in the Lundberg Archives Box 1. Northfield Township established their burial permit system on March 14, 1903. The records were kept with the township clerk until July 2, 1916 when Cook County began issuing their own burial permits.

These permits contain information about people who died in Northfield Township but not everyone listed in these records was buried in the area. You can search through Ms. Lundberg's transcriptions of the permits or you can search for early Glenview family burial records online with Glenview Family Trees.

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