Monday, April 20, 2009

New World Immigrants

New genealogy book at the Glenview Public Library:

New World immigrants : a consolidation of ship passenger lists and associated data from periodical literature / edited by Michael Tepper.
R929.373 NEW GENEALOGY v. 1 and 2

This work is a collection of ninety-seven articles from some fifty periodicals, mostly totally unknown to the researcher. Within the general time frame 1618-1878, the articles identify upwards of 27,500 emigrants, mainly English, Irish, Scottish, German, Swiss, French, Dutch, Norwegian, and Russian-German.

Most of the work focuses on passenger lists of the pre-Revolutionary period. The entire first volume is given over to the hundred-year period 1618 to 1718. The 19th century is represented by 15 articles. The period before the advent of the official U.S. Customs Passenger Lists in 1820 is generously represented.

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