Monday, April 20, 2009

The Polish Texans

New genealogy book at the Glenview Public Library:

The Polish Texans by T. Lindsay Baker.

Thousands of Texans trace their roots back to Poland. Most of them came during the early 1800s when their homeland was divided and ruled by others, and they played an active role in the Texas War of Independence. Later, farmers from Upper Silesia in Southwestern Poland settled at Panna Maria, Bandera, and San Antonio. They founded the earlies Polish colonies, the first Polish churches, and the first Polish school in America.

This book covers the history of Poles in the early history of Texas; founding the first Polish colonies in America; first years on the frontier; expansion of Silesian settlement; the Civil War years; reconstruction for the Silesian Poles in Texas; coming to East Texas; Soldiers from Mexico; Polish life in 19th century Texas; business and commerce; and Polish Texans in the 20th century.

There is a reading list, and the text is illustrated with many great photos and documents.

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