Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Exploring Ancestry Part 2

Here are even more tips to help you with your Ancestry searches:

1. Advanced Search
On the Basic Search page, click on "Show More Options" to bring up your Advanced Search selections. From here, you can add life events or family members to your search.

2. Using Search Filters
Use filters on your search times to refine or broaden your results. Name filters can search for the exact name you searched or for variations on that name. Use "Sounds like" to find names that sound the same but have different spellings or choose "Similar" to find names that have similar meanings such as known nicknames or the same name in another language. Filters can also be used on locations and date ranges. 

3. Filtering Search Results
Use the filtering options on the left side of your search results. Narrow results down by record type, location or date.
4. Wildcards
For names that have common variations or are often misspelled, add wildcards in your search. Replace letters with a question mark or an asterisk. ? replaces a single letter and * replaces multiple letters. For example, Mari?n would match for both Marian and Marion. A search for Mari* would find Maria, Marie, Marian, Marianne, Marion, and others.

5. Find New and Recently Updated Collections
In the card catalog, go to "Sort By" and then select "Date Added" to see the newest record collections or select "Date Updated" to see which collections added new records. If you visit Ancestry a lot, this is how to find the newest records that you may not have searched yet.

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