Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"The Genealogical Helper"! Limited time only.

The Glenview Library has a subscription to "The Genealogical Helper." Be sure to stop by the Reference Room, and browse the paper version of "The Genealogical Helper" for interesting and useful information for the genealogy enthusiast. Issues for the current year are kept in the Reference Room, on the Magazine shelf near the Lundberg Collection.

To try the online version for free, follow the instructions below.

If you Are interested in Internet research in Germany or the Netherlands, Everton's next issue of "Genealogical Helper" is a must-have magazine! Jeff Bockman details the best sites for finding digital documents, as well as indexes for Germany and the Netherlands. And since the Helper is now online and entirely hot-linked, German research is easier than ever before! The Nov-Dec Online Edition issue will be posted about November 1. To subscribe, go to Costs are just normally $29 for a full subscription (paper and ONLINE EDITION access), or $12 for ONLINE EDITION access only.

The Genealogical Helper is widely recognized as having no equal in terms of amount of total content, educational and research information, and lists of organizations, events, and repositories. The complete magazine is online, and all websites listed in either the content or advertisements are hot-linked.

Everton is offering the Online Edition FREE until October 17 to anyone willing to go to the magazine's website ( From now until October 27 the $12 annual subscription fee to the Online Edition of the Genealogical Helper will be reduced to $10.00, and the $29.00 annual subscription fee for the hard copy edition of the magazine (includes access to the Online Edition) will be reduced to $25.00. There are two issues now available for download at the site: Jul-Aug 2008 and Sept-Oct 2008. ENJOY!

(taken from an email from Leland K. Meitzler, posted in "Everton's Newsline" )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Naturalization Declarations of Intention: a New Database From the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Here is an exciting new online database that will be very valuable to genealogists:

Thanks to Dorothy Brown of the Cook County Circuit Court and a number of dedicated workers and volunteers, the Declarations of Intention (to become a citizen) Indexes are now online for the Circuit Court. The range of dates for the files begins with 1906 and ends with the latest dates entered (1922/23). The ending date will be 1929. This has been an ongoing project for a couple of years now, so it may be some time before all Declarations are uploaded (both Circuit Court and Superior Court). You can sort by surname, occupation, address...all sorts of ways to find a missing relative in case the surname is not recorded as currently spelled. Visit the Project's Web site to use this valuable resource.

(from the Gen Dobry newsletter, Written by Tom Sadauskas and Don Szumowski. Previously published by Gen Dobry!, Vol. IX, No. 9, 30 September 2008, PolishRoots(R): )