Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Genealogy Web Sites

Family Tree Magazine celebrates the 10th annual installment of its 101 Best Web Sites.

They are marking the occasion by honoring 10 categories of 10 noteworthy sites each (plus one to make 101).

The ten categories are:

--10 Best Web Sites to See Dead People
--10 Best Web Sites for Vital Records
--10 Best Web Sites for Storing and Sharing
--10 Best Big Web Sites
--10 Best Web Sites for Maps
--10 Best Web Sites for Local Searches
--10 Best Web Sites for International Searches
--10 Best Cutting-edge Web Sites
--10 Best Web Sites for Military Research
--10 Best Virtual Library Web Sites

What's the one Web resource in a class by itself? $$, of course. You can use it for free at the Glenview Public Library as Ancestry Library Edition.

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