Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lundberg Collection

We are proud of the Lundberg Collection, a special collection of more than 300 books, periodicals, original genealogies, local histories and microfilms donated to the library by Mrs. Gertrude Lundberg and her family, who were professional genealogists.

Her books are kept in a locked case. In order to use them, patrons need to leave a library card or ID with the librarian.

Mrs. Lundberg developed her own classification system in order to arrange her books and magazines for maximum usefulness to genealogists.

The Lundberg Genealogy Periodicals, shelved on the south-east wall of the Reference Room, are arranged according to this classification system, which is based on migration patterns.

There is an un-cataloged part of the Collection, for which you need to ask the Reference Librarian / Genealogy Specialist.

Mrs. Lundberg also donated her original genealogical research on specific families, and owned some published genealogies about them. If you are researching these lineages, you may ask to see them by filling out a Locked Case Form and leaving your I.D. at the Reference Desk.

To see a list of titles and call numbers in the Lundberg Collection, click on the link below. You can also search the GPL catalog under subject heading "Lundberg Collection," as well as by author, title, or keyword of specific books.

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