Thursday, December 3, 2009

British Genealogy Book

Dick Eastman's Genealogy Blog contains a book review about Ancestral Trails, a book owned by the Glenview Public Library and available for checkout at call number 929.1 HER and in the Reference Room at R929.1 HER GENEALOGY.

Here is an excerpt from dick's review:

"Ancestral Trails is an 896-page, 6-inch-by-9-inch paperback...jam-packed with genealogical research guidance. It also has many black-and-white images to illustrate the information presented within the text.

...The book gives background information about past generations by describing virtually every class of record in every repository and library in Britain. In order to find the correct repositories, you often have to first understand why a particular record would be found there. Herber does this well, describing historical settings and the purpose of each repository...

"Ancestral Trails provides detailed explanations of census records, parish registers, marriage records, wills and much...the new appendix on 'Web sites for family historians.' Herber lists the names and URLs (addresses) of several hundred web sites that can be useful for British genealogy research although he does not describe any of them in detail."

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