Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Upcoming event information:
Annual Business Meeting, Potluck & Revolutionary War Program
Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Hendrickson Room
Date: 17 Nov 2012 9:30 AM
Annual Business Meeting and Ethnic Food/Family Favorites Potluck
NOTE: Held at Arlington Heights Memorial Library - Early 9:30 am start time

 The Revolutionary WarEra, A Different Perspective

 DavidJahntz, will portray a ContinentalArmy surgeon and an 18th century civilian during the War forAmerican Independence. David willpresent the War for Independence from the surgeon’s viewpoint, and will alsodiscuss the principles involved and the reasons of the war which are thetwenty-seven charges listed by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration ofIndependence. Don’t miss thisinformative and entertaining presentation. David’s most prominent appearances have been onnational cable productions in "Frontier Doctors" on The HistoryChannel, on the five-hour mini-series "The American Revolution"originally broadcast by the A&E Network and on "Hunting The LostSymbol" on the Discovery Channel. In addition, David can be seen invisitor center films of the National Park Service at their historic militarysites.

 CAGGNI’sbusiness meeting and annual “family traditions” potluck will immediately precedeDavid Jahntz’s presentation

More information: Annual Business Meeting, Potluck & Revolutionary War Program

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