Monday, September 2, 2013

Old Occupation titles

Occupations and titles have changed a lot throughout the centuries. Here are some interesting old job titles I've found:

Bagman Traveling salesman
Ballad Monger Sold printed ballads on the street
Bibliothecary Librarian
Clicker Servant who would stand outside a shop and invite people to enter the store
Colporteur Bookseller
Eyer Made eyes in needles
Farrier Veterinarian and/or shod horses
Gelder Castrated animals
Henchman Groom
Lavendar Washerwoman
Neatherder Cow herder
Peregrinator Itinerant wanderer
Plumber Made sheet lead to be used in architecture, roofs, and stained glass
Revenuer Federal officer concerned with illegal distilling
Snobscat Shoe repairer
Stuff gown Junior barrister
Tipstaff Policeman
Vulcan Blacksmith
Yardman Railroad worker

If you're looking for more information on old occupations, has a nice Glossary of Old Occupations & Trades and you may also want to check Cyndi's List for more information.

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