Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Family History Apps

The holidays are great time to share family memories. Here are some apps and website that can quickly and easily preserve family stories.

With the StoryCorps app, you can interview your family members anytime, anywhere. The app walks you through the interview process, helps you develop questions, records the conversations and uploads the audio to the Library of Congress. 

The Memories page on FamilySearch allows you to upload and store documents, photographs, and stories. You can even upload audio to the site. Access FamilySearch Memories on your computer or as an app on your mobile device.  

Have you wanted to write a memoir but didn't know where to start? StoryWorth is an email-based story-telling subscription service that will email you one question or writing prompt a week. After a year, your responses are bound into hardcover book. This is a fun and easy way to record your story for future generations. 

Family history should be more than just dates and places. TreeLines is a collaborative site that helps you add stories and memories into your family tree. Upload your tree or start one from scratch. 

Create interactive timelines with Twile. Build your tree, then add milestones, photos, and memories. Twile makes your family history attractive, accessible, and engaging. 

Don't forget note-taking apps like Evernote can also be used for recording and storing family histories. 

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