Monday, October 22, 2018

Family History Month

Family History Month is almost over but here are some ideas for how to celebrate your history this month:
  • Make an old family recipe. After enjoying your meal, record whose recipe it is and why it is a family favorite. Try finding and making other family recipes. 
  •  Visit the cemetery. Find your ancestors' gravesites. Take photographs, record information, and do some tombstone rubbings.
  • Interview relatives. Ask questions about their lives. Record an oral history or incorporate their responses into your written family history.  
  • Create a scrapbook. Preserve and share old photographs and documents in scrapbooks or photobooks. Record the names and dates of people in the photos. 
  • Write your story. Start writing about your life. Use writing prompts from FamilySearch's #52stories to help you get started. 

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