Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Exploring Ancestry.com Part 1

Here are some activities to get you familiar with Ancestry.com.

1. Create Your Family Tree
Record everything you already know about your ancestors. Write this down on a Family Group Sheet or a Pedigree Chart. Or create free online family trees on Ancestry.com or MyHeritage.

2. Basic Search 
On Ancestry.com, go to "Search -- All Categories" to begin your basic search. Search for an
ancestor. Include the name, estimated birth date and a location where you ancestor lived.

3. Explore by Location
From the main search page, scroll down to: "Explore by Location." Click on a location on the map or choose a location from the list below. See what record collections Ancestry has for where your ancestors lived.

4. Specific Search Pages
Under the "Search" tab, select a search page for a specific record type. Search for your ancestors in Census Records; Birth, Marriage & Death Records; Military Records; or Immigration & Travel Records.

5. Card Catalog
Select "Card Catalog" on the Search tab. Find all of Ancestry's record collections here. Search for a record collection by keyword such as "Chicago" or "World War I." Or filter by collection type, location or date.

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