Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gene Tree

GeneTree is mapping the world's DNA using genetic genealogy. The free Web site allows easy connection to genetic cousins, collaboration on family trees, and sharing of personal profiles, videos, documents, and photos.

GeneTree also helps participants to integrate their DNA profiles into their family history research through one of the world's most respected DNA laboratories, for a scientific window into their ancestry and to find living relatives for whom no paper records exist. GeneTree users are linked to the world's most extensive correlated genetic genealogy database.

GeneTree includes a fascinating DNA Navigator that tells where other matches to your DNA profile have been found, and to track them through time.

You can order a DNA test kit from GeneTree, or from Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, a non-profit research organization that has created the world's largest repository of correlated genetic and genealogical information. The free, publicly available SMGF database currently contains information about more than seven million ancestors through linked DNA samples and pedigree charts from more than 170 countries, or approximately 90 percent of the nations of the world. The foundation's purpose is to foster a greater sense of identity, connection and belonging among all people by showing how closely we are connected as members of a single human family.

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