Monday, May 18, 2009

Sirius Genealogy 2.0

Sirius Genealogy 2.0 is an online community for professional and amateur genealogists who want to learn more about using technology in the genealogy effort.

This is not a site where you can build your family tree, nor perform in depth research on your family, although they do have a few tools that can be used for that purpose.

Sirius Genealogy 2.0 is a place to learn, collaborate and teach fellow enthusiasts all about using technology in your genealogical quest.

They provide a newsletter for which you can sign up. and a way to consult an expert.

Useful tools conveniently gathered in one place include a calendar of events, cousin calculator, time capsule, google gadgets for genealogists. people finder, reviews, tips and tricks, and more.

The home page displays featured genealogical info that iseducational and informative.

You can also set up an account, and add your group or organization to the directory.

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